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  Heals to Heal has seriously been the most Priceless Gift I have ever received and I mean that! The past year of my life has been a whirlwind! My 2 girls and I had just got out of a Domestic Violence Shelter facility and  I was speaking to my advocate about my issues finding a “real” Therapist. She handed me the info for Heels to Heal Therapy Resource program and I have been seeing Amy Menke since. Domestic violence is generational a lot of the times, and in my case very much so, My family is not an option for support. Domestic violence can also leave you secluded and in control when everything else is out of my control. There is no greater gift that you could offer someone who is struggling with trauma and kaos, than the support of an educated knowledgeable safe place and person to go to who really helps! Heels to Heal has literally been my saving grace through this! Again I thank you so much for finding a way to TRULY make a difference!”

Melanie  |  Domestic Violence Survivor

  Thank you so much! This will be of great help for my road to full recovery! I’m grateful for Heels to Heal and their help with this process”

Anonymous  |  Domestic Violence Survivor

  The Heels to Heal Therapy program helped me to become more confident, find my inner self that had gotten lost over the years. I got my life back. It even pushed my ex to get his life together because I broke the cycle of co-dependency.”

Anonymous  |  Domestic Violence Survivor