Heels to Heal needs YOU to help us finish the year strong and continue to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in our community to receive crisis counseling services to help process trauma as a result of abuse.


$65 Covers one private crisis counseling session

$390 Covers six private crisis counseling sessions

$780 Covers twelve private crisis counseling sessions

$ 1560 Covers twelve private crisis counseling sessions for a mother and her child

Would you like to make a difference in someone’s life and help them process trauma?

Heels to Heal Crisis Counseling program provides children and adults with crisis counseling services by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor to help process trauma from sexual assault or domestic violence.  Victims needing these services do not have insurance or cannot afford these services. This year, Heels to Heal was able to help hundreds of victims at or below poverty level receive crisis counseling services.

Heels to Heal provided 685 counseling sessions so far this year !!!!

And we need to continue to service more victims who will experience healing like Isabella:

 Isabella experienced terrible abuse and domestic violence by her husband. When she met him, he seemed like the perfect partner showering her with love and attention. Immediately following their wedding, he started to abuse her. He wouldn’t allow her to work outside the home or have outings with friends. He limited her time with family. On their one-month anniversary, he punched her in the face, choked her, and raped her for the first time.  Eventually, her case was on the local news and she felt humiliated.  He was arrested and she fled for her life with her children (he was not the father). They relocated to Pinellas County and lived with a family member. Isabella contacted Heels to Heal in need of crisis counseling services to help her process the trauma she endured from her domestic violence experience. Isabella had severe PTSD – cried every day multiple times a day, lived in constant fear, isolated herself, had no friends, had difficulty sleeping, etc.  She also had concerns about her school-aged children who witnessed the abuse. Heels to Heal Crisis Counseling Program’s Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Jennifer Teoli, helped Isabella by providing her with trauma-focused counseling services to treat her PTSD symptoms. After 5 sessions, Isabella showed significant progress and her PCL-5 score decreased steadily through her continued commitment to counseling. Today, Isabella can talk about the traumatic incident without crying. She found a new job for more pay and instead of working remotely and being isolated at home, she goes into the office. She is no longer afraid to be in public and is enjoying her life again. She feels hopeful about her life and the quality of her children’s lives. The abuser is awaiting trial. Isabella is very grateful for the resources of Heels to Heal’s Crisis Counseling program has provided to her. 

This is one of many success stories that the Heels to Heal Crisis Counseling program has provided.

Please consider donating today to help us continue to provide these valuable services to other victims in our community.