Therapy Resource Program

Heels to Heal Therapy Resource program engages the services of licensed mental health counselors to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault receive counseling. The counseling services provided by licensed mental health counselors are funded by Heels to Heal Therapy Resource Program. The funding for this program is collaborated through community support, donations, and fundraising events.

Heels to Heal Therapy Resource program’s Licensed Mental Health counselors provide the following:

  • Processing trauma, grief, anxiety and depression
  • Learning to build a sense of self and independence
  • Building resiliency skills that focus on strength and growth through adversity
  • Teaching communication tools to women with children to help them recover as a family
  • Learning ways to stop the cycle of abuse in families and future generations, which would include conflict resolution, healthy communication, and anger management
  • Self-esteem workshops
  • Learning to trust and setting boundaries for healthy relationships
  • Communicating clearly and managing anger
  • Career exploration and readiness
  • Parenting workshops – how to help children deal with trauma and learn to communicate emotions in healthy ways
  • General support groups for women to share their experiences

Licensed Mental Health Counselors

Contracted under Heels to Heal Therapy Resource program


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Amy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach, Amy has been in the mental health field since 2005 and has a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from USF.

She received training at Suncoast Center, Inc, a community mental health center, in the Children’s Outpatient Unit, The Life Center, a grief and trauma counseling center, and Wellspring Oncology. She is currently in private practice in St. Petersburg, FL. Amy has learned to work with people in the most difficult situations, ranging from trauma, grief, illness, victims of crime, relationship issues, and basic family stabilization.With a broad base of training, Amy brings a compassionate approach to improving communication and amassing resources for improving – functioning as real life experience from her clinical training and her own family life.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jennifer joined Heels to Heal Therapy resource program in 2016 specializing in providing counseling to survivors of sexual assault.  Under the Heels to Heal program, Jennifer has partnered with Heels to Heal Inc in servicing their mission for helping sexual trauma related cases. This mission includes awareness of rape on college campuses, victims crime unit at St Pete police dept and other areas demonstrating a need for counseling services for survivors of sexual assault.

Sierra Bender

Womens Empowerment Leader

After bleeding to death on Christmas Eve 1995, Sierra’s near death experience led her to indigenous wisdom and culminated in a new mission leading Female Empowerment. Modern medicine saved her life, but did not heal her deeper wounds, leaving her depressed and lost. This experience set Sierra on an inner vision quest and an outdoor adventure across the globe.

Now Sierra is the best-selling author of Goddess to the Core, an international speaker and creator of Boot Camp for Goddesses—a women’s fitness and empowerment event—and the Sierra Bender Empower Method (SBEM)for Personal & Professional Training. SBEM has been clinically researched and proven to empower females by the Department of Psychology at American University in D.C. Sierra is also an award-winning nonprofit advocate and a leader in the female empowerment movement for more than 25 years. She presents workshops at internationally renowned institutions such as Kripalu Center and Omega Institute. She has been featured across the media, including Oprah Radio, CBS, USA Today, Marie Claire, Shape, Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga, Destiny, and Natural Awakenings. Sierra’s extensive clientele include Harvard Law School, the Vanderbilt Cancer Center and Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, and Olympic athletes. She has worked with Wall Street and Fortune 500 executives from companies like Time Warner, Revlon, American Express, Morgan Stanley, and the NHL.


What is the cost to me in this program?

There is no cost to you. Heels to Heal therapy resource program will provide funding for your counseling services both individual and group over a 12 week period.

What if I don't currently have health insurance?

No problem. Heels to Heal Therapy resource program is dedicated to providing counseling needs for individuals that do not have health insurance.

Where would I be meeting with my therapist?

Therapists are Licensed Mental Health counselors that currently have offices conveniently located in Pinellas County. When applicable, Therapist will be able to provide counseling on-site at facility.

How do I schedule my counseling appointment with the therapist?

You can call the therapist directly at her office phone listed in provider section of this booklet. Mention that you would like to be part of Heels to Heal therapy resource program.