We do the legwork.

We collaborate with community partners, members and volunteers to bring resources and awareness to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  See below to learn more.


From diaper drives to clothing drives for shelter boutiques, we mobilize our community to provide essentials to those displaced by domestic violence and sexual assault.


We collaborate with local musicians, artists and businesses to bring therapeutic programs into domestic violence shelters. Click to find out more about the new Therapy Resource Program!




Through a combination of grassroots methods and formal fundraising, we organize our community to be part of the solution to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Each day, three women die because of domestic violence.
— National Network to End Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crisis that does not discriminate based on race or financial status.  One in three women in the U.S. will be the victim of domestic violence at some point in her life.  In fact, three women die every day as a result of violence in the home.  The problem is real and it exists on our doorstep.  Learn more about domestic violence in Florida here.